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There is no Insurance plan that is “ one plan fits all ”. Every person is different, and may fit into different plans from different Insurance companies based on your requirement.

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Whether is it is before, during or after you are insured, we try our best to provide writeups for each category of users. We are thankful of the positive feedbacks on our content on Insurance related to Nepal and will look to carry on our efforts.

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Everything About Life Insurance in Nepal (जीवन बीमा / Jeevan Beema)

Life Insurance Nepal is an online content driven website that provides visitors with valuable information about Life Insurance in Nepal. With an array of different topics, categories and growing list of articles and content on each category, we hope that our writeups will help Insurance seekers decide which Insurance Plans of different companies in Nepal have the right features. Read more
We do not provide information on insurance plans or insurance companies of Nepal. However, if requested, we can help you find the authorized agents of different companies in Nepal so you can get adequate information on Plans and features outside of the website on a personal level.

Yes it’s Difficult Choosing a Life Insurance in Nepal!

If you have finally decided on getting a life insurance plan in Nepal, there are a few important things to know. Every insurance company in Nepal is different, and every plan in those companies are different. It is not possible to meet every insurance agent in Nepal to make the decision as every agent is biased to sell his or her product. However, we are here to provide an unbiased platform so you can look at the bigger picture and help you understand generic meaning and importance of Life insurance, so that you can find out why and which insurance company or insurance plan is the right one for you. We also provide websites and phone numbers of authorized insurers in Nepal so that you can directly look into their website or contact them with any queries you might have. Read less

Is this Reliable life insurance platform in Nepal?

We are not a profitable agency or affiliated with any one life company providing Life insurance in Nepal. We are not an agency, agents, broker, liaisons or intermediaries any insurers. We are only here to provide clear and unbiased insights on how to help our visitors to understand how life insurance works, and provide knowledgeable and useful content on Life Insurance. So we are focused on providing a platform which is reliable and committed to provide available content related to Life Insurance as well as non-life insurance in Nepal.

Bonus Rate of Life insurance companies in Nepal

Currently, we are not authorized to disclose any bonus rates for companies in Nepal. If you have specific questionnaires of bonus rates, premium amounts, added benefits of different life insurance companies in Nepal, we are happy to help and connect you to any authorized insurance agents of different companies on your request, so you can directly connect and inquire about your preferred company or plan.

Getting your first Jeevan Beema

Hundreds of questions pop up in your mind when you think about getting your first Jeevan Beema and thousand more uncertainties follow suit when you decide to actually get one. We believe the importance of getting the right insurance for your specific needs is imperative for any individual. This predicament is not just for Nepalese public, but for people of other nationalities or foreigners as well. This daunting task of getting life insurance can be made easier once you have accurate details and better understanding of Life insurance Terminology. That is why Life insurance Nepal is devoted to providing a single digital platform where ultimately, we hope that knowledgeable people from different communities can collaborate and share their knowledge to the people all over Nepal to help them get the best Life Insurance Plan.

Insurance (जीवन बीमा Bima) for Every Nepalese.

Even if you’re going to visit the Insurance company, if you’re paying online, or if you are in contact with one of the agents from any company, we believe we can still be of value. Get all the valuable content upfront so you can choose the best insurance policy in Nepal to secure your loved ones. At Life Insurance Nepal, we are committed to serve our visitors with well defined content so that visitors of all levels, whether first timers or well acquainted, can keep in track of the insurance situation in Nepal. We offer a 24 hour chat service so you can ask questions about our website and content. You can connect to us if you if you want to more about Insurance. You can browse among various insurance articles, blogs and pages, all at your convenience. You can even subscribe to our monthly newsletter so you don’t miss out on any important write-ups about the insurance company or packages for Nepal.

Nepal life insurance calculator ( coming soon)

We are working on providing an interactive calculator that you can install on your mobile and use anytime so it is handy and with you at all times. Please check in again for the calculator.

A summary on Life Insurance in Nepal

Life insurance can be termed in different words such as, LIC, life assurance, mortgage protection insurance, premier insurance. It is termed as “jeevan beema” in Nepal. In simpler words, it is an insurance provided for a life incase of uncertainties. It is a legally binding contract for insurance holders with the insurer. In other words, life insurance is a special contract with an insurance agent, where they promise to pay the designated beneficiary a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person. Depending on the contract, other events such as terminal illness or critical illness can also trigger payment. The policy holder typically pays a premium, either regularly or as one lump sum. Other expenses, such as funeral expenses, can also be included in the benefits. For the contract to be enforceable, the life insurance application must accurately disclose the insured’s past and current health conditions and high-risk activities. For a life insurance policy to remain in force, the policyholder must pay a single premium up front or pay regular premiums over time. When the insured dies, the policy’s named beneficiaries will receive the policy’s face value, or death benefit.
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