Insurance Companies can be ranked in multiple ways such as market capitalization, stock value, sales figures, number of policies provided, market recognition and so on. Not all insurance companies provide every kind of insurance facility. And only 19 of insurance companies are authorized to provide life insurance policy to the general public. Here is the list of insurance companies that are authorized to provide life insurance policy.  
S.No.:Name of Life Insurance CompaniesSymbol NamePhone No.Email AddressWebsite
1MetLife-American Life Insuance Company LimitedALICO01-5970166[email protected]
2Asian Life Insurance Company LimitedALICL01-4410115[email protected]
3Citizen Life Insurance Company LimitedCLICL01-5316000[email protected]
4Gurans Life Insurance Company LimitedGLICL1660-01-44400[email protected]
5IME Life Insurance Company LimitedIMELICL01-4024071[email protected]
6Jyoti Life Insurance Company LimitedJLICL01-4445941/42[email protected]
7Life Insurance Corporation Nepal LimitedLICN01-4012613/14[email protected]
8Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Company LimitedMLICL01-4445740/41/42[email protected]
9National Life Insurance Company LimitedNLICL01-4414799[email protected]
10Nepal Life Insuracnce Company LimitedNLIC01-4169082/83[email protected]
11Pabhu Life Insurance Company LimitedPRLIL01-4226856[email protected]
12Prime Life Insurance Company LimitedPLIC00977-1-4441414[email protected]
13Rastriya Beema SansthanRBS01-4262520[email protected]
14Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Company LimitedRENLICL01-4423618/30[email protected]
15Reliance Life Insurance LimitedRLIL01-4787224/225[email protected]
16Sanima Life Insurace Company LimitedSALICL01-4438886[email protected]
17Sun Nepal Liffe Insurance Company LimitedSNLICL01-4436126[email protected]
18Surya Life Insurance Company LimitedSLICL01-4423743[email protected]
19Union Life Insurance Company LimitedULICL01-4784758[email protected]

Table: List Of Life Insurance Companies of Nepal

Among these life insurance companies from Nepal, we have listed top 10 insurance companies on the basis of Life insurance fund. Life insurance funds are considered to be one of the most important factors in the financial statement. This indicator provides an estimate on how much advance preparation an insurance company does for a crisis. The data mentioned are on the basis of fiscal year 2075/76. 

S.No.:Name of Life Insurance CompaniesSymbol NameInsurance Fund (in crores.)
1Nepal Life Insurance Company LimitedNLIC 5946.23
2Life Insurance Corporation Nepal LimitedLICN 5148.84
3National Life Insurance Company LimitedNLICL 2522.09
4Rastriya Beema SansthanRBS 2007.37
5MetLife-American Life Insurance Company LimitedALICO 1634.21
6Asian Life Insurance Company LimitedALICL 1578.97
7Prime Life Insurance Company LimitedPLIC 814.76
8Gurans Life Insurance Company LimitedGLICL 521.81
9Surya Life Insurance Company LimitedSLICL 464.77
10Union Life Insurance Company LimitedULICL 127.5

Table: Top 10 Life Insurance Companies of Nepal on the basis of  Insurance Fund

The above table contents top ten insurance companies of Nepal, ranked on the basis of life insurance funds accumulated by these companies. The table shows companies  Nepal Life insurance Company (NLIC), Life Insurance Corporation Nepal (LICN), and National Life Insurance Company Limited (NLICL) among other top 10 companies in the country.

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