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I never believed nor cared when I heard  “Life Insurance is cheap when you are young and healthy”. If the youth are healthy, why is LIfe insurance for young adults a thing in Nepal?  Well I’ll tell you exactly why in 7 steps. The sixth one is enough for me. (no clickbait) All insurances whether life or non-life is a lot cheaper when you’re young. You can save a lot of money while securing important health and life protection. It is widely said that the sooner you get a life insurance policy, the better it is for you. Life has many ups and downs. You don’t know what will happen. We always plan for those unknown and plan to protect ourselves. Financial stability in today’s world is a must.  Plans of Life insurance in Nepal can get once you start looking through the rubble for the best one for you. Life insurance in general is one such plan that gives financial protection in exchange for premium paid. And it is better to get one as soon as possible. Below are 7 reasons why Life Insurance for young adults is a must.

You get Low Life Insurance premiums when you are young.

Premium is the main deciding factor whether you buy insurance or not. The amount of premium you have to pay can vary but the smaller amount of premium is always preferred by everyone. When you start early, you can actually lower your premium. Generally, people die after growing old. A young one has more life to live and the duration of life insurance is also more for them. As the time period is extended, the cost can be further divided into many installments causing the premium of life insurance to decrease as much as possible for young adults.


Take care of you family from a young age.

Family is an important aspect of one’s life. Their protection is one of the goals in your life. Life insurance can take care of your financial expenses in future for your family. Buying it at a young age can help you increase the benefit of policy without even spending much. Family expenses can pile up really quick after you have childrens. So, these expenses can be eases with life insurance.


Stress Free payment of Debts.

Young people usually don’t have sufficient savings but they do have some debt. The debts may be for education, buying a new house or starting a new business. And, it is not sure what will happen in future. So, buying life insurance can help pay off the debts later in future without any stress. 


Emergency expenses

Another reason to buy life insurance when young is to have some kind of emergency expenses. The emergency situation is bound to happen any time in future. No one can accurately say what will happen but everyone can prepare for it. Some life insurance policies provide facilities to take out money in case of emergencies. This would be of great help to support your financial expense at such times.


Uncertain future when you're young no more

You are young now with lots of energy to work and support yourself and your family. But you will eventually grow old and won’t be able to support even yourself. Your health may require lots of care in later years. So, to keep up with old age, you can buy life insurance early when young. This helps you to stay on the safe side rather than mourn later on for missing out on getting a good insurance when you’re a young person.


Save money

Life insurance can act as a savings for a lot of young people. It might not be the best form of saving but it is worth it as benefit at maturity can be high. Young people might as well search other forms to increase saving but if you don’t want to take risk then life insurance can be a right choice. Although there are a few myths about life insurance, keeping your head stable and looking at pros and cons, you can save a lot of money and security when you’re young


Replace your insurance

If you buy life insurance now and the price goes down in future, you can always replace your insurance with a new one. This can be always beneficial as you can save cost.

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